District heating with local wood

For many decades, Samvaz SA has been using its wood waste in its district heating systems.
The homes and industries around the plants are heated with wood waste from the local forests.
A circuit with a minimum of grey energy, boilers, filters and chimneys of the latest generation allow a modern, ecological and efficient heating.
The network extends over 1000 meters, supplying 9 consumers, mainly in industry but also for residential use.

The new district heating plant was built in 2020 with the latest technology in terms of environmental protection.

On average, 6,000,000 kWh of energy, representing the equivalent of 600,000 liters of fuel oil, are produced using local wood.

Wood-fired district heating circuit

Photovoltaic power

Since 2012, the roof of the headquarters' factory has been equipped with 1'260m2 of photovoltaic panels.
The heating plant, built in 2020 and its extension in 2022 are also equipped with panels on 800m2.
The solar installation can supply more than 350kW of power in peak.

On average, more than 300'000 kWh of electricity are produced thanks to the photovoltaic panels, which this is equivalent to over 100 households.
A significant part is consumed by our own installations, the rest is fed back into the grid.

Photovoltaics on the factory floor


Photovoltaics on the floor of the power plant