SME created in 1964, SAMVAZ SA is located today in the industrial area of Châtel-St-Denis, a small city of the south of the Canton of Fribourg (Veveyse).

Its position near the exit of the A12 motorway gives him a great accessibility.

The activities of the company are separated in two divisions: one is specialized in wood, and the other in metal. The latter occupies a beige and red building on three levels and gathers all mechanical activities as well as the administrative services. 135 people work there regularly. The other unit, known as “The Bourg”, gathers all activities of wood, and employs 45 people.


Pra-de-Plan 25
"Arena" factory - Metal and Administration

Panorama-view of the Arena-Factory:

"Bourg" factory - Wood

SAMVAZ SA has always invented, developed, manufactured and sold its own products. Among those, we can notice:

  • The fixing system for standardized moulding SAM
  • The pipe-clamping program PIPEX
  • The range of hand planes RALI
  • The planing tools with interchangeable cutters TERSA
  • The industrial glued laminated wood BLC
  • The isolating beams YSOX

Historically, SAMVAZ SA began by developing and marketing it system of SAM formwork used in masonry. This product has been used by the majority of civil engineers. The other ideas came while observing the users on the building sites. In 1972, the PIPEX has been invented. It consists of an attachment system of pipes for sanitary, heating and ventilation who currently represents most of the sales turnover of the company.

Then, the glued laminated wood, as weel as isolating beams were implemented. Finally, the product range was complete with handplanes RALI (with interchangeable blades)and planning tools TERSA , patented in 1984.

The majority of the products, that brings the success of the company, has been created and developed inside the company. All tooling and machines for the manufacture are also developed and assembled at Samvaz. The wood’s glue- and press-machine, who drys the adhesive by high frequency, was produced in-house and remains currently a unique solution in Europe.