Les normes phoniques deviennent de plus en plus strictes. L’enveloppe isole de mieux en mieux les bruits externes, relevant ainsi le seuil de perception des bruits internes au bâtiment.

Afin de couper la transmission de bruit d’une pièce à l’autre, Samvaz SA a développé un carrelet phonique, avec un cœur en mousse souple, permettant d’atténuer la propagation des ondes sonores.

 Jusqu'à -62dB

Carrelets isolantsLes constructions en ossature bois ont le vent en poupe. Il n’a jamais été vendu autant de bois de construction en Suisse qu’en 2012.

Les murs deviennent de plus en plus épais, avec des dimensions parfois impressionnantes allant jusqu’à 50cm d’isolation. L’isolation devient de plus en plus performante et aisée à injecter.

L’ossature a toutefois un point faible : le carrelet n’isole de loin pas aussi bien que le matériau isolant, ce qui favorise les ponts thermiques et nuit à la valeur totale d’isolation de l’enveloppe.


The glued laminated wood from Samvaz SA, is characterized by a continuous assembly process using a pressing and high frequency drying machine.
This pressing system (SAMWOOD) has been entirely developed and manufactured by our engineers.
The glue used is a melamine developed by www.tuermerleim.ch , totally adapted to the outdoor weather conditions. (clear joint).

The fast-gluing principle is based on microwell-technology, which heats very locally and shortly the beam. This heat kills all vermin and parasites.

The Samvaz wood is hand sorted for a constant and optimal quality. It exists in 3 different qualities: Framewood, non-visible and visible.

Excepting for very specific needs specified by our customers (for instance for northern wood),
All wood timbers come from within a region of 30 km around the factory.
The grey energy needed for transportation is reduced to the aboslute minimum and
The regional forests take the full advantage of a clean and optimal usage of the wood.

The waste wood parts are used to heat the industrial building around the factory. Samvaz does not any oli-based fuel or gaz for heating.


fibre de bois isolating beams.

Samvaz SA developped a new isolating beam called YSOX Fibre de bois.

Manufactured with the same industrial process as the glued laminated wood beam,
the YSOX fibre de bois beam has moreover exceptional qualities like:

  • Density
  • phonical isolation
  • Phase shift
  • Ecological

YSOX exsits in different isolating material, different sizes, widths and thicknesses, which can be combined with an additionnal layer of isolating material.
More informations in our flyer (in french)




Manufactured with the same industrial process as the glued laminated wood beam,
the YSOX beam has moreover exceptional thermal qualities.
(see details under documentation)

YSOX exsits in different isolating material, different sizes, widths and thicknesses.

The glued laminated wood from Samvaz can be used for woodframes, roofing frameworks, flooring tiles and beams

Glued la minated wood has a lot of advantages regarding timber wood: constant quality
absence of imperfections, vermin and parasites. It is very stable over years and years.
Splitting, cracking or spinning beams belong to the past.

Application samples

Chalet « Gryon »

Wooden floor

Additionnal floor on the top a of building in Geneva

Renovation of a roof at Jaton

House in Granges

Tibetan Center

Bridge in Châtel-St-Denis

Rugby training center in Marcoussis (France)

House Chandel (France)

« Alexandre » wooden house designed by "Le chalet Haute Couture" (France)