Innovation designed by SAMVAZ!

Save weight and volume in your toolbox.
With the added bonus of tools that are always sharp and ready to use.
Once back in your workshop, re-sharpen your tools on your favourite sharpening machine.

It is a chisel with interchangeable blades.I
t comes with knives of varying widths which are extremely simple to change.
Saving space, weight and money, the RALIshark chisel is always perfectly sharpened and ready for use.
It can be used as a standard chisel.

rali shark etape 1 rali shark etape 2 rali shark etape 3

The RALIshark is a shark because, as the shark, the RALIshark replaces his teeth on a regular basis to keep them always perfectly sharp.
It is equipped with several tools such as the wood chisel with knives of various sizes, saw blade adapter and scraper.

shark demo shark embouts
shark racloir shark scraper
shark scraper shark
prix innovation eurobois coup de coeur eurobois nomination RALIshark was nominated for the HOLZ Innovation Award 2010 and received the "coup de coeur" award at EuroBois 2013.

All RALI shark tools, with all options, in a tidy, easily accessible case.

Additional knives as well as saw blades and other accessories can be stored in the compartment under the board.

Chisels from 10mm to 40mm, with a saw and a scraper.

In addition to its function as a multi-width wood chisel, it is possible to adapt a standard jigsaw blade to the RALI shark to turn it into a saw. Or use it as a scraper.

RALI shark L

For 25, 30 and 40mm knives as well as jigsaw blades type T and scraper blades with TERSA chrome or hard metal blades.
The basic package consists of a handle and a knife of each, 25, 30 and 40mm. The other elements can be ordered optionally.

RALI shark M

With 18, 20 and 22mm knives. Other functions are under development.

RALI shark S

With 10, 12 and 14mm knives. Other functions are under development.

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