RALI press Evolution

Who never had to clamp a piece into a vice or a F clamp? Often, you have to be ingenious and find makeshift solutions...
With the RALI press Evolution, everything becomes a pushover.
Whether for a horizontal or vertical piece. Clamping force: between a few grams and 1.5 tons.
Can be screwed on a tool box, in the structure of a vehicle or simply on a board

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Extremely simple immediate width adjustment, without screws. The block can be removed from the rail by pressing the screw. Release the screw to reposition the block.

Adapts to the piece

Movable plates on the blocks. The block adapts to all surfaces, even if the part has no parallel edges. This ensures that the pressure is optimally distributed.

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Expandable with 365 mm rails

Available in 3 lengths (730, 1100 and 1460 mm). The additional rail kit is supplied with the rack-and-pinion connection and screws. In this way, the RALI press can be extended to any length at a later date.

Precise rail connection

The rail remains stable even under load. Thanks to the rack and pinion connection, which has been specially developed for very high loads, the pressure can be maximised, even with parts over one metre in size.

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Precise clamping

From a few grams up to 1.5 tons. The screw thread greatly increases the clamping force. The lever further increases this force. A fine tightening with the lever in the extension of the screw allows a very fine tightening of a few grams. At the other end, a clamping force of more than one ton is achieved by positioning the clamping lever perpendicular to the screw.

Horizontal and vertical clamping

Edge or flat planing. The RALI press was developed in such a way that the parts can be fixed in 3 dimensions: 1) a vertically mounted object, such as a planing board for edge planing, 2) a square planing part, such as the end of a planing board and 3) a piece for planing the surface or the edge of a door that is horizontally fixed and lies on the work surface.

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Solid locking thanks to serrated (notched) profile

for maximum strength

Flexible configuration

Lenghts: 730, 1100 or 1460mm.

Extensible with additional rail of  365mm.

Additional clamping jaws

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Available at your hardware-shop or online

Switzerland: Online-Shop rali.ch

France and Belgium: Online-Shop rali.fr

Austria: Online-Shop rali-shop.at

Rest of the World: Online-Shop rali.com